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Missions and  Values

We are a scientific society dedicated to advancing knowledge and
reducing harm related to Head and Neck Cancer. Our mission is to bring together a
community of like-minded researchers working across pre-clinical, clinical, public health,
epidemiological, and policy/regulatory research domains to achieve this goal.
We are committed to supporting and developing the careers of Early Career Researchers in
the field of Head and Neck Cancer, and to promoting collaboration and exchange of ideas
between researchers globally.

Laboratory Scientist
Working from Home

Our Aim

The BALLANCE Cancer Network aims to create a global community of Early Career
Researchers in Head and Neck Cancer. Our objective is to connect researchers across the
world, to facilitate collaboration, information exchange, mentorship, and coordination of
research efforts. We believe that by building a strong, connected community of researchers,
we can bridge the gap between Early Career Researchers globally and advance research
impact on Head and Neck Cancer. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate progress in
understanding, preventing, and treating this devastating disease.

Supportive Friend

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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