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BALLANCE Cancer Network Holds Inaugural In-Person Meeting

The BALLANCE Cancer Network, a global community supporting early career researchers in head and neck cancer, held its first in-person meeting on April 6, 2023 at the University of Dundee School of Dentistry. Attending the meeting were BALLANCE's newly appointed Chair, Zainab Kidwai, along with Treasurer Niall McGoldrick and Secretary Grant Creany. Key items on the agenda included:

  • Planning an engaging webinar series featuring diverse speakers and timely topics to share knowledge and spark collaboration.

  • Establishing oversight groups and processes to ensure strong governance, evaluation, funding sustainability, and impact.

  • Drafting recruitment strategies to expand BALLANCE's reach across disciplines and networks.

  • Identifying funding opportunities to support growth of programs and community-building activities.

"As a new network, it was extremely valuable for us to meet in person, align on priorities, and start bringing our plans to life," said Zainab Kidwai. "We left the meeting energised and looking forward to connecting researchers worldwide who are passionate about advancing head and neck cancer research and care."

The BALLANCE Cancer Network leadership team will regroup regularly to continue developing initiatives that foster mentoring, training, networking and information-sharing amongst early career researchers dedicated to tackling head and neck cancer globally.

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